Baron Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

We Found this bottle at Trader Joe's (shocker, I know) and it was a really nice selection. I enjoy a good Cabernet because it always seems to be a bit smoother than a Merlot while still having a good red wine flavor. The only down side for me is that one; it seems to stain my teeth really bad and two; that it makes me extremely sleepy. I don't know much about the teeth staining but I think certain people must be more susceptible than others. Reason being that I get it really bad however Jessi does not. My father also gets exceptional red teeth when drinking red wines—so much that my mother has since forbid him to drink them in public settings since he looks so ridiculous. I must admit that this does pose a problem when cheesing it up for photos—you look like a vampire. Well besides the red teeth and sleepy side effects the cab was great. It did not seem to be as fruity as I like but had some hints of vanilla in it. I would consider the wine to have a high level of tannins. Don't know what that is? It's basically the acidity level in a wine, learn some more here from this friendly lady. Being that this wine was not very fruity or sweet I would consider the wine to be very dry, witch I prefer in a Cab. I recommend pairing this wine with a red sauce pasta dish or red meat. Overall I give it a good recommendation and we might even serve it at our wedding.


Jhonny walker said...

I frequent traders joe for cheap wines..and I completely agree with you on cabernet. And the drier it is...the better for me. I will definitely look for this the next time I hit traders joe

Conor @ HoldtheBeef said...

I'm not _too_ bad with the old red wine mouth stainy thing, but I tend to avoid drinking it when I'm out just in case! Plus yes, it has the sleepytime effect on me too. Nice when at home relaxing but not so great when out socialising.

Chef E said...

I only hope our TJ's gets a liquor license! There was this store in Dallas that was similar that carried wine, and from time to time we found some gems! Glad you like this, can I use this in a few weeks?

Love your work, others are liking you as a regular, one day I can pay you in more than compliments :)

Rose said...

Red wine teeth stain! Hah! We'll have to check this one out! Love TJ's wine selection.

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