Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA

ABV: 8.3%
IBUs: 60
Our props: 8.5/10

Man! Turn on the content filter because we got a filthy little name but NOT a filthy tasting beer. In celebration of Flying Dog Brewery's 20th Anniversary they released a new Belgian-Style IPA. Titled Raging Bitch because of its sassy-bitterness the beer goes down surprisingly smooth. Made from a special American IPA augmented with Belgian yeast the beer is pretty hoppy but not as hoppy as some of your more traditional IPA's. Unlike most brews over 8%, this one is really drinkable. We would definitely drink a whole bunch of this stuff anytime of year. Even cooler than the beer is this awesome glass that one of our great friends, the Stephenson's, gave us for an engagement present. What a cewl gift right? So creative! I mean it says Chef Fresco's beer review right on the pilsner. So a big thanks to Bret and Peggy we really love them so much and we're sure all our Fresco fans out there will too!

Well Jessi and I are finally settling back down after our wedding and it's a good thing because all that planning before was running us ragged. However today it was totally worth it because our photographer Caroline Ghetes posted a big sample of our wedding photos. I posted a couple here but you really need to visit her blog and check them all out. Oh and please don't judge my (Michael's) dancing. I also don't know if we ever shared our wedding invitations (that Jessi and I made—one of the many things that distracted us from blogging) with you guys but if you want to check those out you can visit my website here and click on the thumbnail with the purple ribbon in the center of the page to see them.


Velva said...

Happy Wedding to the both of you. Thanks for taking us along for most of the ride. The photos are awesome.

Conor @ Hold the Beef said...

Aw, looking lovely guys! Congratulations again, looks like the perfect day.

Also, I am half tempted to start up a brewery just to come up with names such as this.

Chef E said...

Congrats and aren't you two a handsome couple! I wish you all the happiness and wonders a marriage can bring!

BTW I noticed the glasses, a wedding gift? How freakin cool! and you know my next question...tah dah...can I use this, well I know you will say yes, I see it as a great post for the heat! I feel like a raging biotch in the heat and working out, lol, off to view your photos!

Chef Fresco said...

@ Chef E, of course you can use it! Let us know if you need anything additional from us.

Heather S-G said...

Okay, I was totally gonna comment on the beer...because not only is it a rockin' name...ha!...but it sounds amazing...and OMG, did you have that glass special-made? It's so cool! Then I saw the wedding photos and got all sappy...congrats =) Beautiful shots!

Kathleen said...

Congrats! Your wedding photos are absolutely stunning!

pam said...

Congrats! Gorgeous pictures!

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