Hopczar IPA

ABV: 7.5% | IBU: 75 | Our Props: 6.5

We've got another beer review for you here. An IPA from Bridgeport Brewing Company located in Portland, OR—which by the way has an extremely kewl website. We picked up this beer because it was an IPA—typical Stout fashion. After the initial pour we were pleasantly surprised with a wonderful head (as you can see pictured below) however, it did not last too long and left a somewhat sticky residue on the glass. The beer's aromas were exactly what we've come to expect from a good IPA. The brew offered a great piney and citrus smell however the taste did not follow these great aromas. We're not saying it was bad but not as good as the nose seemed to lead us to believe. The beer did have an excellent maltiness to it and nice sorta dry aftertaste to it. Overall this wasn't a bad brew but probably wouldn't make it a staple for our house. That's all for now we hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and drink lots of brews!


Velva said...

I am going to have to pick this one up next time at the store. I am always open to trying new beer.

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