Bells Winter White Ale

The holidays bring out a surplus of two very good beverages to your local grocer. 1 - holiday flavored coffees and 2 - all the seasonal beers. Today I will be reviewing one exceptional holiday ale — Bells Brewing Company's Winter White Ale. This is the second exceptional seasonal ale Bells produces. The other is the Christmas Ale which I will be reviewing later. The beer pours a very straw-yellow and is pretty cloudy with a thin, sticky head. The ale is fermented with a Belgian ale yeast, with a blend of barley and wheat malts that yield a mixture of clove and fruity aromas but not overly spicy like some holiday brews. The beer is pretty light, but not too light, and drinks more like a heavy wheat beer. Jessi and I both really enjoyed this one and even featured it in our newest pilsner addition that we received for Christmas—how fitting! Bells is a wonderful brewery and always produces a wonderful product. We even served it at our wedding — that's how much we love it. Hope you all have a splendid and safe new year and get a chance to try this brew before it's off the shelves!


Hannah said...

mmmm mmmm that looks tasty!

Joyti said...

Hmmm, I bet its an excellent beer (though I'm not much of a beer drinker).
Hope you both have a great New Year!

Boabe de Cafea said...

Wonderful! I would like a bottle...
And the coffee? Where is the coffee? :)

Velva said...

When I read posts like this one, I am thinking that it is definite con to me living in "Po dunk".... I can't get my hands on tasty brews such as this one (sigh).

Happy New Year!!!


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