Three Philosophers Belgian Style Blend

ABV: 9.8% | Our Props: 9.5

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and was able to have some time off work. If you don't celebrate Easter than I hope you were able to get out and enjoy the spring weather. Jessi and I spent a wonderful weekend up in Blowing Rock, NC at my (Michael's) parent's house. It's crazy how much further behind the mountains are in the seasons than the Piedmont. The trees up there have hardly started to leaf-out while in Charlotte we're almost done with the pollen onslaught.

While we have no Easter baked goods or yummy chocolate pics to share we do have a wonderful Beer to tell you about. It has cherry flavors in it so that's sorta Eastery, right? Three Philosophers Belgian Style Blend is like a Easter basket of flavors going down the pipe. It pours with a smooth rich, red color and has a rather short head. It finishes with a somewhat fruity and sweet malty after taste leaving the stomach feeling content and warm — probably due to it's high alcohol content. Jessi and I both highly recommend giving this one a shot. If you click on the ingredients and comments button you'll see a sweet picture I got Jessi popping the top off this brew.


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