Fried Flounder and Frog Legs

Well good morning to all. I hope you're getting your weekend started-off on the right foot. I opened my computer and could not resist to go-ahead and crank out another post. This is one that I do not really have a recipe for and that I cooked some time ago (seeing a trend here?). Fortunately these items do not really need much of a recipe to follow—at least when you fry them. I'm pretty sure I stopped to get these frog legs and flounder filets on the way home from my bachelor party over two years ago! These even feature our old plates from before we were married that were given to me from my old neighbors—the Smith's.  I have had frog legs prior to this but this was my first time frying them. There's really not much to it. These flounder filets also make a great sandwich with a fresh tomato, lettuce and some mayo.

  • As many frog legs and flounder filets as your heart's/stomach's desire
  • A couple cups of peanut or vegetable oil
  • Salt and cajun seasoning
  • Couple eggs and soem milk for a egg bath
  • House of Autry Seafood Breader
  • A nice side of tartar of cocktail sauce for dipp'n

  1. Rise filets and frog legs and dry thoroughly.
  2. Season with salt and cajun seasonings 
  3. Dip seafood in egg bath then coat with some House of Autrey's seafood breading 
  4. Heat large skillet with about 1/2" of oil in the bottom of the pan
  5. Fry until cooked through about 3 minutes/side


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