Jessi and Michael

The origin of Cheffresco

Before Jessi met Michael she hated to cook and pretty much lived off of lean cuisines and canned beans. She didn't eat red meat or pork. She even avoided butter and excess cheese and had never had shrimp & grits. Then along came Michael. And boy did things change. Her mother couldn't believe it when she first heard Jessi say 'I sure do love to cook!'. Now Jessi eats pretty much anything and realizes what she missed out on all these years. Michael has always loved to cook. He is an especially great grill master. He's also a super taster - always know what last pinch of spice is needed to complete a meal. As soon as they started dating, Michael introduced Jessi to delicious meals and together they developed a passion for cooking. After experimenting with lots of new recipes, they realized their successes and failures should be shared with the world. Michael had the idea of creating a blog and they bounced names back and forth until they finally settled on one - and on November 17, 2008 Chef Fresco was born. Michael is the master mind behind the blog. He takes all the photos and works on the redesigns. They both get to enjoy the cold meals after a long photography session though. The price you must pay. . . The blog has allowed them to collect quite a range of flatware and colorful linens. Jessi loves going to Marshall's and looking for unique items for the next post. They both have learned a lot during the past 1+ year of blogging and appreciate all of their loyal followers!

Correction: As Jessi's mother pointed out after reading this post, Jessi was fed very well growing up and had lots of delicious meals. The above is referring to her college years when she was too lazy to cook & chose to zap microwavable dinners rather than experimenting in the kitchen. She also was fed plenty of red meat growing up. That too was just faded out during college years. Don't worry Jessi's mom - it was not your fault she floundered in the kitchen for her young adult years!

About the creators

Jessi and Michael are two 20-somethings who are about to be hitched. They both are native North Carolinians and currently live in Charlotte.  They stay very busy with work - Jessi does a fair amount of traveling and Michael spends a lot of time on his own freelance work. They are also new homeowners and love to spend time fixing up the new house. Michael's recent project has been building a brand new shed in the backyard. Jessi's project is wedding planning - the big day is coming up - June 19th! They both also love to work-out and hang-out with friends and of course squeeze in time for the food blog!