A Tardy Christmas Pic!

Awe man, we're so busy right now! I feel like life is way too short to spend so much time working. We should retire young and work when we get old. Anyway, the other day Jessi and I snapped a quick shot of some of the wonderful gifts we received for Christmas. Something Jessi, I mean we, have been trying to do for a while. Notice the sweet aprons with embroidered logos (you can't see Jessi's but it's there) that Jessi's parents gave us along with the kick-butt Ove Glove—you can grab anything with this! Not to forget the crown jewel, the Kitchen-Aid Mixer. Thanks so much everyone! We would show you the rest but we ran out of hands.


Unknown said...

What a cute picture!

Culinary Wannabe said...

Love the aprons!! And the Kitchen Aid is just the best!!

Hannah said...

YES! The aprons are fantastic, great picture!

Anonymous said...

you now are an official HOMO. Congrats!

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