Triple Exulation

ABV: 9.7% | IBU: 100 | Our Props: 2.5

Jessi and I had high hopes for this brew - unfortunately it did not live up to our expectations or should I say exultations... I didn't even know what word meant until like two minutes ago. If ya'll don't either it means "a feeling of extreme joy" which this beer failed to deliver. We drank this beer a month of Sundays ago but both of us still vividly remember how overly bitter and hard to drink it was. I mean we expect an old ale to be bitter but this one so sweet and acohol-y that it just wasn't good. This beer hails form the Eel River Brewing Co. in Fortuna, California. We have not tried any of their other brews but would like to. I'm sure this disagreeable taste does not hold true for all their beers. Since we drank this guy so long ago I was playing around with vintage Photoshop techniques. What do you think?


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