Captain Sigs Northwestern Ale

Happy Labor day to all. We hope you're somewhere enjoying some awesome friends, food and drink. Jessi and I came up to her parent's lake house on Lake James. You may have seen this awesome NC lake from a sweet flick back in the day—Last of the Mohicans. If you have not seen this movie then you  surely should. It combines all the components a great movie should; action, drama, romance and Native Americans fighting to the death! But enough about that, that's not what this post is all about.

I wanted to share a great brew for this weekend with you. You may have seen the Northwestern crab boat on the show The Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel. Well the folks at Rogue Brewery thought that Captain Sig and the Northwestern was cool enough to brew a beer after. This is an indian red ale and is uber-malty—it goes down so smooth. It has some citrus hints to it but is not over-filling. This would be the perfect beer after ripping-up the water on the wakeboard this afternoon. Below is a pick of Jessi doing just that. I held off on showing mine since I'm not quite as good. I still perfecting the jump. Hopefully tomorrow I will actually land one. Hope you're all having a wonderful holiday!


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I love the last photo!

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