Hercules Double IPA

Well it's been a while since we've posted a beer recipe so we figured we'd push one out on a Friday since you'll probably be drinking one this weekend. Great Divide Brewery is located in Denver. I've never been to the brewery, mainly because I've never been to Denver, but I would love to go, maybe one day. Whenever you hear IPA you think a lot of hopps and higher ABV. When you hear double IPA you get double those flavors and ABV. Note that this beer is 10% ABV so you'll want to be careful of how many you treat yourselves to. While hoppy it's not overly so and has a nice nutty maltiness to offset the hopps. I highly recommend this beer and many other Great Divide Beers. The brewery has a wonderful slogan "Great minds drink alike." so what kind of mind are you?


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